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WAHOOS Code of Conduct


The George Wythe Swim Team (athletes, coaches and parents) is a proud representative of the General Peninsula Swimming Association (G.P.S.A.). Proper behavior has a positive influence on individual and team performance and projects a positive image for all to recognize and respect.


As a swimmer/athlete member of George Wythe, I agree to abide by the standards of conduct outlined below during the time I am participating with George Wythe throughout the 2019 swimming season.


  1. Team members will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward fellow team members, fellow competitors, coaches, officials, parents, facility staff and the public at all times, including during team practice sessions.

  2. Team members will not engage in any inappropriate physical contact.

  3. Team members will not use profane, obscene or abusive language in the presence of any swimmer, parent, or coach during any practices, meets or team activities.

  4. Team members will respect the host pool and its personnel at all meets and abide by all rules set by the host pool.

  5. Team members will refrain from all illegal or inappropriate behaviors that would detract from a positive image of the team or be detrimental to its performance objectives.

  6. All swimmers will follow the directions of the coaching staff when under team supervision.

  7. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in, but not necessarily be limited to, any of the following actions:

  • Swimmers restricted from participating in some or all team activities.

  • Swimmer suspended from the team.

 "I agree to abide by the GPSA code of conduct.  I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my family/guests abide by the GPSA code of conduct.  Violation of the GPSA code of conduct is punishable IAW the GPSA rules for Interpol meets"

Upon notification of any violation of the Code of Conduct, the coaches and/or G.P.S.A. Representative shall investigate the circumstances of the violation (as necessary) and notify the swimmer and his or her parent(s). The swimmer shall promptly be given the disciplinary action decided upon for the violation.

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