George Wythe Recreation Association Rules of Operation


  1. Who can use the pool: The pool is for the exclusive use of GWRA members, their guests and board approved activities that promote the GWRA, our neighborhood and the City of Hampton.

  2. Who is in charge: The lifeguard(s) on duty shall have authority to enforce all pool rules and take measures necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of all pool users.

  3. Need to follow lifeguard instructions: Pool users shall follow the directions of the lifeguard(s) on duty. Failure to follow directions from the lifeguard(s) may result in loss of swimming privileges for 5 minutes up to the remainder of the day depending on the seriousness of the offense.

  4. Loss of pool use: Pool users that repeatedly violate pool rules and disregard the directions of the lifeguard(s) may be banned from GWRA property upon determination by the Board.

  5. Daily sign in: All members shall sign in at the Gate House each day indicating last name and home phone to match information on membership application.

  6. Guests: Members may sponsor guests at the applicable rate. Guests must be accompanied by a member during their entire visit to pool. Each member may not have more than 5 guests at any one time. Individual guests may visit a maximum of 5 times a year.

  7. Private parties: Members may rent the pool for private parties afterhours at the applicable rate. The sponsoring member is responsible for the behavior of all party guests. The party may be shut down by the lifeguard(s) on duty if pool rules are violated or if necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of all pool users.

  8. Non-Member activities: Non-member rental shall be board approved and must promote GWRA, the neighborhood and/or the City of Hampton. Approval of such requests is at the sole discretion of the Board.

  9. Thunder and lightning: In the event of severe weather, the lifeguard(s) may require all swimmers to exit the pool or close the pool completely until the severe weather has passed. In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool and deck shall be cleared until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder was observed.

  10. Unaccompanied children: Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or designated babysitter (at least 16 years old) at all times while at the pool.

  11. Break: Children under 16 years of age must clear the pool for 15 minutes each hour as directed by the lifeguard(s) on duty.

  12. Hours of operation: Swimmers may only use the pool during posted operating hours when lifeguards are on duty. Members and guests must leave pool property as expeditiously as possible once closing is announced by the lifeguard(s) on duty.

  13. Basic pool rules: All swimmers must obey the posted pool rules as amended below:

a. No running in the pool area (defined as all concrete surfaces surrounding the pool within the fence).

b. No skateboarding on the deck.

c. No diving except in the diving area when permitted by the lifeguard(s) on duty.

d. No excessive rough play.

e. Pool toys may be used provided their use does not create an unsafe situation or threaten the safety and/or enjoyment of the pool by other pool users.

f. Rafts shall be kept a safe distance from the side of the pool.

g. No pushing swimmers into pool from deck.

h. No hanging from or sitting on the safety ropes.

i. No playing on ladders or handrail.

j. No hanging from diving board.

k. Only one person on diving board at a time.

l. Divers must wait until the previous diver has reached ladder before diving.

m. No food or drink inside the white line painted on the deck.

n. No glass containers in the pool area.

o. No littering. All trash shall be disposed of properly.

p. We are a smoke free facility